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~ Vendors ~
Here is a list of the dealers that we are proud and honored to have at our show!
Listed in alphabetical order from left to right

Basically Beads Buddha Gems & Minerals Frank Zberski Minerals
Gaia's Gifts Janu Gems Naturals from the Earth
Om Sai Minerals Reasonable Richard Sierra Stones
Sister Stones Starstruck Meteorites The Opal Guy
Wings Over Soul ¨°º Space Available º°¨ ¨°º Space Available º°¨
¨°º Space Available º°¨ ¨°º Space Available º°¨ ¨°º Space Available º°¨

New! May 20, 2017 Update: We are awaiting our regular vendors to turn in their contracts to get an idea of how many tables we will have available. We should be addressing any new vendors applying for a booth in the second week of June.

April 25, 2017 Update: Contracts have been printed and will be going in the mail no later than Friday, April 30, 2017. if you were a vendor last year, you will be receiving one from us, if you do not see it in a week or two, let us know, and we can email you a pdf version or send out another printed one.

April 16, 2017 Update: Have signed and returned the contracts for the Scottish Rite. The new show date of Oct. 28-29 is now locked in. As a FYI, our table rates have increased marginally this year, but in the interest of staying as affordable as possible, it will only go up $10 per 6' table, going from $105 ($17.50 per foot) to $115 ($19.17 per foot).

April 3, 2017 Update: Have a verbal confirmation that our new show dates will be Oct. 27-28 (Friday is a set-up day). Contract is supposed to be finished and sent to me by April 5, 2017. Once I have a contract in hand we will move forward and swiftly! My apologies again for this inconvenience.

March 30, 2017 Update: The Scottish Rite has decided to hold a Freemason event from here on out on the weekend that our show is traditionally scheduled. We are in the process of working with them to find a suitable new date for our show that does not conflict with any other show, event, meeting, etc.

We have emailed all our past vendors to ask for input on the available dates that we have been offered to choose from. If you did not receive that email, please check your spam and bulk email folders.

We only have a short time to make this decision, as we need to finalize and commit to a new date right away so we can get the contracts out and the advertising campaigns all changed and updated. Speed is of the essence - so if you like, please feel free to call us at: 916-662-5819.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Interested in being a dealer/vendor at our show?

Email us the below information by clicking this button:

Email Us

We will then review your request to see if you'd be a good fit for our show
and if so, then we will be able to send you a contract.

Please include the following information:
• Full name
• Business name
• Business Mailing Address
• Website
• Phone number
• Description of your merchandise
• What other shows that you have been a vendor?

We'd love to get a picture of your booth to add to this page along with your business info and url!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the money from the vendors spent?

50% of what comes in from vendors goes to renting the facility to hold the show, and the other 50% is spent on advertising the show. We typically spend an additional couple of thousand dollars out-of-pocket on advertising costs on top of that, to do our best to ensure high visibility and to reach the widest audience that we can. We try to keep our tables affordable and work hard to please and work with our vendors.
Without YOU none of this would be possible!

What kinds of advertising campaigns do you run?

We have a wide printed audience and we maintain an extremely robust and extensive online
marketing campaign that is constantly being added to and developed. We had live TV coverage from Good Day Sacramento on Sunday (you can view the video clip on our Media Page), as well as PSAs on KDVS, Live Capital Public Radio/National Public Radio, and then part of one of our ad campaigns featured spots on KAHI Live.

Last year we chose a bold approach to reaching a wider audience, something that we had not heard of any other rock show in our area doing, to promote our big 80th Annual Show using digital billboards! Not content to just be a trailblazer in that arena, we signed up for THREE digital billboards up on Interstate 99 which gave us fabulous visibility, starting an entire month prior to the show on one board and then adding in the other two digital billboards for the two weeks right before the show. Despite the extremely tense 2016 political climate as the election was immediately prior to our show date, the overall attendance exceeded the overall attendance from the prior 2 shows, marking last year's campaign a success.

This one was located in Elk Grove at the Auto Park Mall on
Interstate 99 for an entire month prior to our show!

And here is a little video clip of our first ad that was located
on the Elk Grove Auto Mall digital billboard!

What areas are you focusing your advertising campaigns to reach?

Some of the areas that we focus on getting the word out to are:
• Sacramento
• Lodi
• Carmichael
• Davis
• Citrus Heights
• Fair Oaks
• Orangevale
• Rancho Cordova
• Elk Grove
• Folsom
• Rancho Murieta
• Wilton
• Herald
• Rio Linda
• El Dorado Hills
• Rocklin
• Roseville
• Lincoln
• Auburn
• Colfax
• El Dorado
• Granite Bay
• Loomis
• Placerville
• Woodland
• Dixon
• Vacaville
• Florin

We work hard to continuously add to our advertising range and options and are always developing new ways to reach a larger audience.

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